Instructions for using the digital data set provided by LNTMADTECH

Instructions for using the digital data set provided by LNTMADTECH

Step 1:

Visit LNTMADTECH’s design store to choose the design you want.
– When paying, please clearly state information about your car model (car name, year of manufacture, version, cab type).
– After payment, within 24 hours your order will be processed and the digital data set of the design will be sent to the email address you provided.

Step 2:

After receiving new email notification from LNTMADTECH. You open the email, download the digital data set of the design you previously selected (as an attachment in the email) and unzip it.
After extracting you will see the following folders: CUT, MACHINING, MEDIA.
– In case you do not see new mail from LNTMADTECH, please check your spam or spam folder.
– Within 24 hours after payment, if you still do not receive your digital data, please contact us again for support. (this rarely happens).

Step 3:

Feed DXF data (in CUT folder) into CNC cutting machine (laser cutting, plasmas cutting, waterjet cutting). Select and place the metal sheet according to the correct size and thickness stated in the DXF file name into the machine and proceed to cut the details from the metal sheet.

Step 4:

Open the instruction PDF file (in the MACHINING folder), check the number of parts, the guaranteed part thickness, then put the cut sheet metal parts into the folding machine one by one.

Select a folding knife with a radius (R) and length that matches the part’s folding path specified in the instruction PDF. Fold the details in the correct folding direction and angle (Note to reverse the folding direction when working with symmetrical details on both sides of the design) – (Mirrior part)So that you do not have to re-mark the fold line after cutting, LNTMADTECH has helped you to mark both ends of the fold line with round holes with a radius of 1-2mm. So you will see that the parts after cutting from the sheet metal will have these markings on both ends of the fold line on the part and you just need to put these marking holes in the center of the folding knife on the machine and fold it accordingly. angle specified in the PDF manual.

Step 5:


After folding the parts, assemble these parts together according to the instructions (PDF) and watch the assembly video included in this folder. After measuring again and making sure everything is assembled in the correct position as designed. You proceed with finishing welding and grinding to achieve aesthetics.


Step 6:

Paint the finished assembled product in the color you want.


Step 7:

Assemble the finished product onto your vehicle and enjoy!
Don’t forget to share your experience with us – this helps us learn and improve our services better.





LNTMADTECH team is always ready to support you 24/7. So any questions and you have any problems in the production process please feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to learn and choose cooperation!

2 thoughts on “Instructions for using the digital data set provided by LNTMADTECH

  1. proman6x6 says:

    Great service.
    Detailed and complete instructions.
    I’ve been having problems with the folding radius, the R in the design is different from the folding tool radius I have in reality. However, your team has been very supportive, the design has been customized as requested, it fits my machine perfectly. I will continue to cooperate.
    Best regards.

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